Space for Giants

Space for Giants

The field of conservation is a competitive one with many charities jostling for attention. To be noticed, you have to be bold and different. We worked with the international conservation charity Space for Giants to do exactly that, creating with its leadership team an initiative called the Giants Club. This initially sought the support of political leaders to give it the power to deliver real change on the ground. The membership of the presidents of Botswana, Gabon, Kenya and Uganda was secured. The second was to give it prominence. Working with the Kenyan government, we helped stage the burning of the country’s seized ivory stock, which led news bulletins worldwide. The next step was to generate funds. Dedicated high-net-worth and individual giving initiatives were launched which to date have gone on to generate millions of pounds for vital conservation projects.

The Giants Club is a conservation initiative headed by the Presidents of Gabon, Kenya, Uganda and Botswana. Through the initiative’s implementation charity Space for Giants, it aims to protect elephants and the habitats they depend on within these four African countries.

We were brought on board to raise awareness of the initiative, secure the support of key stakeholders and to help generate funding for its programmes in the field. Initial focus was the Giant Club’s inaugural summit held by the President of Kenya. Working closely with the implementation charity and Kenyan governmental departments, our team helped ensure the event was a huge success.

As well as Heads of State, corporate leaders and charity heads attended the event, with President Obama also sending his Deputy Secretary of State to deliver a message of support. We achieved $5 million of funding pledges. Media included the BBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Daily Mail and Reuters. This reached 854 million people worldwide, and the burning of the Kenyan government’s ivory stock organised to follow the summit led bulletins across the globe.

Since this successful start, further summits have been organised in Uganda and Botswana, as well as a joint event hosted with the United Nations Environment Programme and the African Union in Zimbabwe. As well as generating further media exposure, these resulted in the securing of additional multi-million pound funding agreements from institutional organisations, corporates and private donors. To find out more about this amazing initiative go to

In addition, the initiative was expanded to include a Major Donor programme. Working hand-in- hand with the charity’s fundraising team, an annual dinner was established for high-net worth supporters. The first of these was held in Kensington Palace and it has since been held in some of the most prestigious buildings in London, with attendees flying in from around the world. Each dinner has individually raised more than £1 million, helping finance vital conservation projects.

Furthermore, an Individual Giving programme was instigated through the global social media initiative #MarchForGiants, which has been backed by individual donors globally and by companies across the planet from the United States to mainland China. The initiative worked to create the world’s first virtual ‘herd’ of elephants. Over five days in March 2017 this ‘herd’ marched across digital billboards in New York, London, Hong Kong, Manchester and Birmingham.

The #MarchForGiants campaign had over 38 million Twitter impressions and generated national media coverage, including Vogue and The Daily Mail, which equated to more than 48 million readers. In addition celebrities including Ricky Gervais, Elizabeth Hurley and Mark Hamill joined the March by creating and sharing their own personalised digital elephant.

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