Digital Communications


Getting You Heard

Digital Communications

A strong digital communications strategy provides unique access to a wider audience to either access for fundraising or to promote awareness raising of your good cause. Even a small organisation can now reach a potential audience of millions with the right digital strategy at relatively low cost.

At Venture Associates we have run both national and international digital campaigns and can help our clients navigate the range of platforms and generate the compelling content that gets noticed. We provide market knowledge, professional expertise and communications knowledge to craft a digital strategy in line with your resources.

We Can:

  • Advise on the best digital strategy.
  • Provide social media expertise and training.
  • Generate the digital campaign assets and messaging.
  • Deliver the solutions best suited to your organisation.
  • Measure impact to evolve messaging.
  • Integrate digital campaign into your offline marketing strategies

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Reaching Potential Supporters
Reaching Potential Supporters

The strength of a not-for-profit’s marketing strategy is crucial to its success in gaining public support. With a well-researched, well targeted approach, strong consistent voice and great products it is possible to cut through a very crowded market place and gain the awareness and emotional buy-in required from potential ‘customers’.

Creative Design Services

With the right products backed by the right strategy, written with your personality shining through, the final piece of the public facing jigsaw is a strong and appropriate visual identity. That is why we provide our clients with cost-efficient design services through our network to produce powerful collateral than magnifies your message.