Mentoring and Training

Capacity Building

Mentoring and Training

To deliver a good cause requires a range of skill sets. We can deliver training that helps your team to use their own resources to deliver effective solutions. And we can work alongside managers to mentor them in overcoming the challenges they face.

Training can be done one-on-one, in small teams or large groups, and can be done either in person or via your preferred video conferencing platform. We have particular experience in delivering fundraising workshops, providing media and communications training and in assisting new trustees to understand how they can best benefit their new role. In all cases we are flexible in our delivery and work to a timetable that suits your needs. And when we don’t have the exact skills you need, we know who does and will bring them in.

We Can:

  • Provide highly experienced coaches, mentors and trainers.
  • Deliver the training with empathy and confidentiality.
  • Meet your needs in terms of time, place and structure.
  • Develop training modules to meet specific requirements.
  • Provide hand outs and recommendations for further study.
  • Deliver post-training evaluation and support

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