Getting The Best Team

Capacity Building

Getting The Best Team

To deliver meaningful change, you need the right team in place. This is often a challenge. The best people are highly sought after, and can be difficult to hire for a short-term influx of a specific skillset, to deliver a particular project or solution.

If you have an unusual role or a specialist short-term project , we have the knowledge to find the right person for you and the networks – both across the charitable sector and outside of it whether that is at senior management level, a trustee or a specialist full-time or interim hire. We do so through personal interactions with our range of contacts to source the right person, and only take payment from you once the right candidate is in place.

We Can:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the requirements of the role.
  • Produce the candidate information packs.
  • Identify candidates and ensure diversity targets met.
  • Implement the long-listing and short-listing.
  • Facilitate final interviews and agree terms.
  • Where preferred, provide an Associate or Advisor from our organisation into yours on a short-term basis

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Mentoring and Training

To deliver a good cause requires a range of skill sets. We can deliver training that helps your team to use their own resources to deliver effective solutions. And we can work alongside managers to mentor them in overcoming the challenges they face. Training can be done one-on-one, in small teams or large groups, and can be done either in person or via your preferred video conferencing platform.