Delivering the Support Needed

Strategy and Review
Strategy and Review

We help you read the current market, identify new opportunities, develop innovative approaches and help finalise a cost-effective and practical solution to deliver a return in both the short and long term. Our fundraising advisors have all held senior fundraising positions and they bring that knowledge to develop the right fundraising strategies for you and in a manner that …


Devising, launching and managing campaigns can, for many organisations, be incredibly daunting. Venture Associates has considerable experience in this area and know that the right methodical approach can deliver great impact. At the core of our approach to campaigns is the understanding that for them to succeed a compelling proposition needs …

High Value Supporters

It can be challenging to identify and approach potential major donors but securing their support can be transformative for an organisation or project. We know how to cultivate potential prospects – whether a high-net worth individual or a corporate organisation – and know that at the heart of such a process is the development of relationships.

Individual Giving

The British public are some of the most generous per capita in the world. Individual giving is therefore by far the largest source of voluntary income to good causes. But, with so many charities competing for donations, it is important to have the right message and the right approach to ensure that your good cause is getting the attention it deserves.


Getting You Heard

Selling Your Story

Nothing is ever just the facts. Writing about your campaign, talking about your mission, conveying the heart behind the impact you’re going to make, requires a narrative that harmonises hard facts with emotional resonance. At Venture Associates, we believe that developing and implementing a successful communications strategy is at the heart of every successful good cause.

Reaching Potential Supporters
Reaching Potential Supporters

The strength of a not-for-profit’s marketing strategy is crucial to its success in gaining public support. With a well-researched, well targeted approach, strong consistent voice and great products it is possible to cut through a very crowded market place and gain the awareness and emotional buy-in required from potential ‘customers’.

Digital Communications

A strong digital communications strategy provides unique access to a wider audience to either access for fundraising or to promote awareness raising of your good cause. Even a small organisation can now reach a potential audience of millions with the right digital strategy at relatively low cost. At Venture Associates we have run …

Creative Design Services

With the right products backed by the right strategy, written with your personality shining through, the final piece of the public facing jigsaw is a strong and appropriate visual identity. That is why we provide our clients with cost-efficient design services through our network to produce powerful collateral than magnifies your message.


Getting The Best Team

To deliver meaningful change, you need the right team in place. This is often a challenge. The best people are highly sought after, and can be difficult to hire for a short-term influx of a specific skillset, to deliver a particular project or solution. If you have an unusual role or a specialist short-term project , we have the knowledge to find …

Mentoring and Training

To deliver a good cause requires a range of skill sets. We can deliver training that helps your team to use their own resources to deliver effective solutions. And we can work alongside managers to mentor them in overcoming the challenges they face. Training can be done one-on-one, in small teams or large groups, and can …