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By Your Side Every Step of the Way

We are here for you. We help raise funds and work with donors to ensure their gifts are used to meet their objectives. We can give your brand personality and visibility in a crowded marketplace, and run campaigns to amplify this. We provide experts to give practical support, and we really getting under the skin of your organisation to directly help you tackle new challenges.

Venture Associates are not typical consultants, who develop a plan and then leave the client to deliver it. We do not believe in silver bullets. We provide advisory support in an agile way – testing and learning as we go – and work with you to deliver bespoke, sustainable and efficient solutions.

What Makes Us Different

At Venture, we have decades of experience as leaders, strategic innovators and income generators in not-for-profits and the media and we want to share our insights, knowledge and networks to help you and your organisation make a positive difference.

We believe the best way is for to do this is for us to work together with you as a unit, bringing in other experts from our network as needed. That is why, when we work for you, we become part of your team. We do not just provide solutions. We work with you to deliver them.


We work on a limited number of Ventures – full advisory and implementations partnerships – at any one time. Ventures are intensive long-term partnerships where we help you frame, reframe or reimagine your cause to make it relevant, fundable and sustainable.

We work with you to identify your objectives and then develop projects and campaign ideas to meet those objectives. This is a partnership; long-term reliable success is the result of testing and implementing new ideas and revisiting old ones with fresh eyes. Crucially we consider our work to be about ideas; we will never encourage you to put all your faith in one solution or concept.

Venture Advisory

Venture’s Senior Advisors all hold senior leadership roles within well respected organisations and have personal track records of creating a delivering new ideas within organisations and through collaboration.

Our Senior Advisors have a limited number of days annually to advise you on specific challenges or opportunities. You can engage our Advisors to work on:

  • Advisory Projects: short-term, typically less than 5 days over a month, charged at a fixed day rate.
  • Retained Advisory: medium to long-term engagements charged at a fixed hourly rate.

Venture Services

Venture will embed Associates with Advisory oversight within your organisation to deliver a defined project or function for a defined period at a fixed rate. Venture Services Clients will also benefit from being plugged into the Venture Associates Network.

Our Senior Advisors will be briefed on all clients and be mindful of your needs. They will act as idea and lead generators and will pursue opportunities on your behalf. if you wish. Then under that we should have three boxes going across the screen that link into 3 of the case studies.

Our Ventures

  • Law Centers Network
  • Defense and National Rehabilitation Centers
  • Space for Giants
Our Ventures Law  Centres Network Small
Our Ventures Law
Centres Network

The Law Centres Network (LCN) is the umbrella body for Law Centres in this country; helping provide the most vulnerable with free legal advice at the time they need it most urgently.

Defence and National Rehabilitation
Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre

2018 commemorated the end of the First World War when the guns fell silent. 2018 also marked the creation of the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC)…

Space for Giants

The field of conservation is a competitive one with many charities jostling for attention. To be noticed, you have to be bold and different.

Communications Small
Capacity Building